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About Us

We want you to think of us as creative partner. One that is there for you in every design need, and especially when a wow is needed. For that we’ll study your needs, challenges and goals. Then respond with inspiring, memorable and meaningful creations that will help you to achieve your goals. Whether you need a web commercial, corporate media communications, testimonial, explainer, or coverage of live events. We aim to reach with you to new heights of look, feel and success.

Time 2 Wow was founded by Tom Lavie and Nir Meital, who are equipped with tons of experience in the media and creative field due to over 300 marketing and product projects in the last decade. Tom is a graduate of the Bezalel Academy of Design and Art in Jerusalem, Israel. Comes into the field of video production with a strong background of graphic design, motion design, 2D and 3D animations. Nir is a graduate of Tel Aviv University in Economics and Political Science. He is a successful high-tech entrepreneur, owner of a crowdfunding company (, following many high-tech companies in terms of general consulting, and in particular in terms of creating marketing content.

In addition to these two, the company includes many talented content and creative people. Both inhouse and outsource. In a variety of fields such as, video photography, stills photography, animation artists, copywriters, translators, announcers, music editors, customer relations, analytics, and more. All of these can be at your service very soon :)

Main Characters

Tom Lavie
Head of Production
Nir Meital
Head of Content
Sagiv Leykind
Director of photography
Einav Marom
Esty Segal
Niv Apel
Analytics Counselor

The Process


Our team works to gain a fundamental understanding of your industry, business, and target audience. Then we create a document that will be the mainstay of the work. It will help us understand both the story we are about to tell and the hierarchies of the messages we are about to convey.


Once the story is in our hands, we begin to develop the visual tone of the video. We start with the main points of the video (intro, product reaveal, etc.) and produce an overview of the video. At this point we keep the frame static so we can respond quickly and be fully flexible to any feedback from the client.


With a great story and well-designed frames we start working on the main part. This is where magics are created. We take out our heavy tools to generate stunning video moments which  are further enhanced by beautiful music and sound effects to ensure an ultimate powerful experience.

Launch and analysis

Once your project is complete, we can help you roll it out and monitor performance with the latest analysis tools to ensure the video helps you achieve your goals.

We're ready when you are!